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30 May 2014 @ 07:41 pm
Hi everyone

This comm will be taking a couple of months holiday during June and July to make way for the Awesome Annual Festival that is summer_of_giles . I'll certainly be pulling up a deck chair over there and hungrily enjoying all the contributions.

Prompts will resume here on August 1st.

In the meantime, and not to leave the place entirely barren for two months, I will leave the comm open if anyone wants to post any links to fic recommendations. Any length, any rating, any age though obviously Giles focused. Please use the tag 2014 summer classic fic rec, and post a nice summary of what it's about and why you recommend it.

I'm not going to set any limits, but if you over post, I doubt anyone will read. It would be nice if you are recommending your own stuff to throw in at least one of someone elses from time to time. Just sayin'

See you over at Summer of Giles!

28 June 2014 @ 02:31 pm
Estephia's Grief That Does Not Speak: Of course it’s death that brings Giles and Angel together. Buffy’s death.
She called it mature so I'm rating it R although I don't think it needs to be rated that high. There's anger and slight violence.
Dr. Squidlove has a number of Giles/Xander pairings at The Lecherous Tentacles of Dr. Squidlove site.

New York has Giles in an alternate dimension for about 16 years in Xander's timeline but only a few months in Rupert's timeline so they are closer in age. It's a long story - 47 chapters - but is very well written and entertaining. Xander as a Dad is delightful. Here's the summary: Xander is thirty-seven. Divorced. Two kids. 4000 miles from Sunnydale and his Hellmouth childhood. Also, straight. Only someone forgot to tell Giles. In fact... where the hell is Giles?
14 June 2014 @ 01:48 pm
In Of Old Mystics, Giles rescues Ethan from the Initiative and together they discover they have a destiny of their own. I just adore this series. It's one I go back to and reread regularly. Of course I'm a huge fan or Rupert and Ethan getting back together and fixing their issues. There are 11 stories to this series so it is a definite commitment.
03 June 2014 @ 12:54 am
I'm rereading Tenebrae which is Giles and a Mary Sue character but it works. The scene that has me rec'ing it is where Elisabeth is saved when one vampire calls another over to watch Buffy beat up their friend: “Come on—never mind that one right now—Jake’s getting his ass kicked in the cemetery—by a girl—”

It's a total West Wing quote and I love that! Plus, who hasn't wanted to write themselves into Rupert's love life. Come on, admit it. You know you wanna.

Aaaand ... only somewhat related, I'm feeling the lack of a Giles icon lately.
02 June 2014 @ 10:15 pm
Title: Measuring Up
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Rating: M15 (mentions adult themes but no actual adult content)
Summary: Buffy and Giles have a heart to heart following the Buffy/Faith body switch in season 4

Click Here to Read

I have just finished rereading Indri’s In the Morning of the Magicians. What a delightful story. It covers the time period where Ripper and Ethan meet, invoke Eyghon, get Randall killed, and break-up.

SpoilersCollapse )

Working Title: Nothing Left
Author: Kat Lee
Character/Pairing: Giles, Buffy
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge: Last Minute
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 222
Summary: Giles reflects on a promise Buffy made him but didn't keep.Collapse )
23 May 2014 @ 03:14 pm
The big bad, as the children would call it, had been defeated, the books put away, and the library closed. He’d sent Buffy out on one final patrol, but that was a mere formality, so safe that even Willow and Xander had tagged along. Rupert felt sure that he could relax for the evening.

He could, finally, after weeks of making do with inferior American blends, take the time to brew the perfect cup of tea. Once the water was boiling, he swirled a portion into the teapot to warm it and only then added the tea, loose leaf of course. Rupert couldn’t quite work out why Xander snickered each time he saw the Earl Grey label. The exact steeping time depended upon a variety of factors including the humidity in the air, the cooling rate of the water, and the freshness of the leaves. Rupert took careful notice of the teapot, inhaling to catch the subtle variants in the aroma that would tell him when the tea was nearly ready. The last minute was of the utmost importance. Almost there, just a bit more.

The children barged through the door. “Giles, there’s a problem.”

Rupert poured the tea and set the strainer aside before Buffy could realize that she didn’t have his full attention. He often had to feign equanimity with the children, but not this evening. After all, even if he didn’t have time to enjoy it, he had brewed the perfect cup of tea.
23 May 2014 @ 12:00 pm
I'm going to start with a big, fat reminder that summer_of_giles starts on June 1st. That's a week on Sunday, people! Please check the calendar and sign up for a free day (or two). Go on. Make me happy.

This week's prompt is

As ever, interpret as you wish.