lycomingst (lycomingst) wrote in giles_shorts,


Title: Jealousy
Word Count: 100
Rating: G


They were camped in the library having one of their research sessions.

Giles, looking down at his book, broke the quiet saying, “Did you know the ‘green eyed monster’ was, or is, a real thing?”

Xander said, “No, but you’re going to tell us about it, right?” He and Buffy exchanged looks.

Giles went on, “Quite an old myth, jealousy is associated….”

Cordelia interrupted, “Jealousy is a waste of time. If my boyfriend has the bad taste to flirt with somebody, I dump him.”

“Well,” Giles said dryly, “good to know one of you is safe from this particular demon.”
Tags: rating: g/frc, z_author: lycomingst

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