littleotter73 (littleotter73) wrote in giles_shorts,

Drabble: This Above All

Title: This Above All
Author: littleotter73
Characters: Giles, Buffy, Riley
Setting: Early S5
Word Count: 100

In that deep, dark place he held in check within him, Giles hated the young Initiative soldier. Riley was a distraction at best - sulking when he didn't beat the Slayer in training, or match her kill ratio in battle, or hold her full attention. His fragile masculinity unwilling to accept her as she is.

Worse yet, Buffy tried compromising her nature to appease him.

Unable to watch the drama unfold any longer, Giles took her aside. "You are not a trophy for some insecure soldier from Iowa. You are the Slayer, Buffy, remember that. To thine own self be true."
Tags: buffy, giles, riley, z_author:littleotter73

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