littleotter73 (littleotter73) wrote in giles_shorts,

Drabble: Fallen

Ok, I will go first. :)

Title: Fallen

Author: littleotter73

Characters: Giles (mention of Buffy)

Prompt: Pride

Word Count: 100

Disclaimer: Just playing in Joss’ sandbox with his toys.

He’d fallen all those years ago, killing a man due to his youthful folly and arrogance, at times suffering humility and great humiliation since. Harsh looks, crueler whispers... especially when he’d entered the Council’s hallowed halls.

One fateful day he’d walked out, head held high. He was the Chosen. Then he’d met her and she’d quickly reminded him of his place... at her side. They’d defeated evil, survived multiple apocalypses, always won the day, and no doubt would again.

He stared at her broken body in disbelief. A hollow victory. The gods extracted their price for his hubris. She’d fallen.

Tags: giles only, rating: g/frc

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