October 19th, 2013

Sexy G

Drabble: 10/29/98

To see Part 1/4, Part 2/4

Title: 10/29/98 (Halloween set 3/4)
Author: Gilescandy
Rating: FRC
Characters: Core Four
Prompt: Autumn


“Psst, Wil. G-man around?”

“He muttered something about California’s lack of autumn and wandered outside.”

“Great,” Xander pushed the door open. “Buffy, coast’s clear.”

Willow sighed as Buffy entered carrying a large assortment of paper and inflatable skeletons. “What now, Guys? He hasn’t mentioned the bugs. I say leave it alone while you can.”

“That’s just ‘cause he hasn’t figured out it was us, yet.”

“Who else would it be?” she dead-panned.

“Doesn’t matter, time for phase two! You guys start blowing these babies up. When we’re done, every dark corner in the stacks will have a spooky new resident.”