October 26th, 2013

I must Consult my books.
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Drabble: Moving On

Title: Moving On

Author: T. Dunn

Rating: FRC

Pairing: Giles & Buffy if you squint

Summary: Giles has become good at something.

Rupert Giles was good at it now. He did it when he was a teenager and his father had left him at the school over the Christmas Holliday. Then again when the pressures of his destiny became too stressful and two years later, after Randall’s death. Now he was doing it again. Instead of staying by his Slayer’s side he was running back to England. Was it really to get Buffy to stand on her own two feet? Or was the thought of losing the only other person he loved, in some future battle, too much for him to bear.