November 1st, 2013

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Drabble: Paying the Price

I warned you this was coming. Also, I felt like it was time to give Faith her turn in Giles shorts!  Psst, you forgot tags for Faith.

Title: Paying the Price
Author: Gilescandy
Rating: FRT
Characters: Giles, Faith
Prompt: Running (Flamingos)

Paying the Price

Giles felt like he couldn’t take another step. But he was damned if he’d go out this way, and they were right behind him. He looked up… no, ahead of him. How could they be so fast? He was surrounded.

Feeling a presence behind him, he turned.


“Hey, G. Some scrape you found.”

“You must run! There are too many to fight. Get yourself to safety.”

“Relax…” was the Slayer’s final word as the flock of zombie flamingos ran her down.

Giles lurched upright, clutching his stomach… and again renewed his vow to stay out of the candy bowl.

Isn't it pretty

November ficlet theme

It's a new month and the time of year that thoughts turn to making arrangements to see family so I thought it would be nice if to prompt

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Not necessarily all of them you understand, just Giles making a journey, with someone or for some reason. In fact any form of transport will do, rickshaw, canoe, hot air balloon so long as he is in motion for some purpose.

(Oh and while I think of the topic, this month's bonus point on offer to anyone who can explain why Giles felt he shouldn't drive without a California State licence in season 7 when he is effectively snatching up underage girls from their homes and  trafficking them into the USA. I call contrivance.)

Questions, comments, chit-chat, back-chat welcome below.
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Drabble Prompt: Glasses

This week's prompt: Glasses

It's often been said amongst me and my writing pals that we could easily write 1000 words just about Giles cleaning his glasses. Well, now's the time to man up, kiddos, but the real challenge: keeping it to those 100 pesky words.

Oh, and points off if you are ornery and write about drinking vessels or use the word other than it is intended here... I am looking at you, il_mio_capitano! ;)

Drabble: Focus

Title: Focus
Author: il-mio-capitano
Prompt: Glasses

“Shall we try again?” she asked.

Giles nodded sheepishly feeling intensively self-conscious without his glasses. He couldn’t help but see that the most beautiful woman in the world was mere inches from his face and staring into his eyes and smiling encouragement. She wore no perfume and he found her natural smell powerfully seductive as she lowered the lights around them. He just needed to focus on the task in hand.

She snapped her chair away, flicked a switch and lit up the far wall.

“Now, can you make out any of the letters on the top line, Mr Giles?”