November 11th, 2013

I must Consult my books.
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Drabble: Fire

Here is my offering for this week.

Title : Fire
Author: T. Dunn
Rating: FRT
Characters: Giles, His Mum
Summary: Giles remembers a conversation he had with his mum.

Disclaimer: I thank Joss Whedon for the character of Rupert Giles and Anthony Head for the awesome performance of that character. I write to satisfy the author within and will make no money from this.

Staring into the flames a vision of his mother broke through the foggy unpleasantness. They were on one of their many walks through the woods. His sad eyes looking up at her; the sun glinting off her golden tresses. 

“Remember Rupert, death is a part of life. Though Ginger was with us for a short while; she did give us so much joy. We can always get another.”

“No, I don’t want another. It hurts too much to love.” His voice cracked from the pain of loss.

She could see the torment in her son’s sensitive eyes, “Love is very powerful and when we lose that love it can drive some to madness. Just remember there are others who love you and would miss you terribly if you were to leave this plain of existence.”

A loud pop from the fireplace brought Giles back to the present. He took in a deep breath, his mother was right; loss can compel one to do things otherwise unthinkable. He hit the release on the revolver and unload the weapon. She was also correct in that, there are others who would be deeply saddened by his departure.