November 14th, 2013

giles back

Drabble: In the Wake of Passion's Fire

Title: In the Wake of Passion’s Fire

Author: littleotter73

Characters: The Core 4

Setting: Season 2, after Passion

Word Count: 100

Disclaimer: Fun, not profit.

He’d hardly slept in weeks, and the Scoobies resolved to uncover why. They discovered the reason after barging in after patrol and finding him tossing and turning on his couch.

A few days later, they took him to Breakers Woods, solemnly lending him their strength as they walked along.

“Okay, big guy, do the honors,” Xander encouraged as they reached their destination, handing Giles a box of matches.

They shared a group hug, wanting to heal his heart.

He should’ve gotten rid of it sooner, he realized. Striking the match, he threw it on the kerosene soaked bed.

“Goodbye, Jenny.”