January 9th, 2014

giles back

Drabble - The First Shots Fired

Title: The First Shots Fired

Author: littleotter73

Prompt: Snow Day

Characters: Giles, Buffy

Setting: Post Series. Giles is head of the new Council and runs the school for the Slayers. In deference to the word count limit, Giles is watching the action from his office window.

Word Count: 100

Disclaimer: Just playing in Joss' sandbox. No profit, just fun.

If there was anything Rupert Giles had learnt during his tenure on the Hellmouth, it was that teenagers needed to blow off steam every so often. After eight inches of snow and canceled classes, the commons looked like a war zone as forts were built, snowballs flew, and the casualties made snow angels.

“You should be out there,” Buffy said, joining him.

“I have a reputation to uphold.”


The cold shocked his system as she shoved snow down the back of his shirt. When he recovered, she was nowhere to be found.

Reputation or no, revenge would be sweet.