January 10th, 2014

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Winter Wonderland

Title: Winter Wonderland
Author: il-mio-capitano
Prompt: Snow Day
Rating FRC
Characters: Giles. Xander, Anya

Xander opened the door but stopped in surprise. "Wow," he exclaimed. "Rocking the seasonal decorations this year."

Inside the Magic Box, snow was falling heavily and Giles was sitting morosely on the counter, with a large umbrella, growling slightly.

Anya pushed past. "We should do something." Giles looked up in hope. "I know," she said. "In the middle we could build a snowman."

"Dress him up and say he's Parson Brown?" suggested Xander gleefully.

"No," Anya replied sharply. "That's incredibly stupid. Why would anyone want to do that?"

Giles dropped his head. "Will someone please just find Willow for me."

Giles, drinking
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The Book

Title: The Book
Author: T. Dunn
Rating: FRC
Characters: Giles, Buffy, Willow
Summary: None
Disclaimer: I thank Joss Whedon for the character of Rupert Giles and Anthony Head for the portrayal of said character.

         Giles entered his flat. His arms laden with provisions. He set the packages on the pass through and was about to put them away when he heard giggling wafting down from the loft. His heart began to pound as thoughts of what was going on ran through his head. He bounded the stairs two at a time. When he reached the top he froze in place. There, lying on his bed were Buffy and Willow; a book open before them. Instantly he regretted accepting their offer to help him with his spring cleaning. Giles expression became one of true mortification when he saw Buffy point at a spot in the book and heard her say, “Aw, look. What a cute tushie.”

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