March 1st, 2014


March short stories: Beatles' Rubber Soul Tunes

It's March 1st so we all cry "White Rabbits!" - sorry Anya.

For this month's theme I thought we try something broader and the prompt revolves on

lyrics from the Beatles album Rubber Soul

I picked this because I played it on my ipod recently and thought I could spin a lot of ideas with each song (possibly not the obligatory Ringo one which I skipped).

As a reminder the tracks are:

  • Drive My Car

  • Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

  • You Won't See Me

  • Nowhere Man

  • Think For Yourself

  • The Word

  • Michelle

  • What Goes On

  • Girl

  • I'm Looking Through You

  • In My Life

  • Wait

  • If I Needed Someone

  • Run for Your Life

Use titles, snippets of lyrics or anything you like really. You can be as tenuous as you like because so long as it has Giles, it's all golden.