April 6th, 2014


Drabble: Never Over-Caffeinate a Room Full of Demons

Title: Never Over-Caffeinate a Room full of Demons
Author: il-mio-capitano
Prompt: Coffee
Details: Giles, Buffy FRC
Notes: I was a silly mood.

Giles looked up in surprise from the dishwasher as Buffy flew into the kitchen, slamming the door and putting her back against it. In the dining room could be heard sounds of smashing crockery, upending tables and general demonic roars.

“Buffy, what’s happened?”

“I dunno. I served them your coffee and the peace talks became decidedly un-peaceable. Which jar did you use?”

“I didn’t. It’s fresh from the ground beans.”

“Not the instant decaf? No wonder they’re tense.” The door lurched and Giles added his weight next to Buffy.

“Are you implying my coffee is too good for your guests?”