August 17th, 2014

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Drabble Prompt: Playing Hooky

Title: Penalty
            Author: T. Dunn

           Rating: G
            Pairing: None
            Prompt: Playing Hooky
            Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters I only put them in interesting situations.

            Dawn was visiting Buffy, when there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it.” Two men stood before her.
            “Does this young man belong here?” one asked as he stepped aside to present Giles.
            Giles was looking down at his feet; feeling not only embarrassed but ashamed. After years of telling Buffy and her friends the importance of doing what was required over what they wanted; he had taken the day to just… be.
            Buffy arrived to answer the man’s question. “Yes he does, what’s wrong officer?”
            “We caught your son,” Dawn snickered, “playing hooky. He tried to tell us, in several colorful ways, that he no long went to school. If he is out again during school hours; he will have to go before the juvenile court for truancy." Buffy glared at her, now de-aged, mentor.
            "That's it! Get in here; you're grounded until you're forty mister.”