February 28th, 2015


March Last-Line-First-Line Drabble Challenge!

March Announcement.

I thought we'd try something a little different next month so I'm issuing a March Madness challenge. Each drabble must use the last line of someone else's drabble as the first line of theirs. The story isn't expected to carry on, you can take off in wild and new areas each time. This is for DRABBLES - 100 words only - which I know makes it harder but let's see how it goes.

Each Drabble in a new post please rather than comments, so they are easier to find and love. I will start the ball rolling on March 1st with a drabble at which point everyone is welcome to pick up the last line I write and use that as their first. If anyone wants to suggest a first line for me, I welcome comments below.

Giles in the mix as always please, though he can be pretty backgroundy.


It was reported earlier in the week that salustra has sadly passed away. She was a great contributor to the comm and will be sadly missed.  As a small tribute I have created an author link and tagged all her work.

My thoughts are with her family and friends.