March 1st, 2015


Drabble: Music Man

OK. Here we go with the first drabble of March challenge of last-line-first-line. Remember, to play along all you have to do is write a Giles drabble (100 words), that uses the last line as your first line. You don't have to follow the same story line.

Title: Music Man
Rating; FRC
Characters: Giles

Giles looked at his battered guitar case with affection. He could do this, he could actually do this. Singing in a coffee shop would be a little different from the pub gigs he'd done in Brixton as a young man. He'd have to tone down the angry punk rock vibe he'd cultivated for one thing, but then, no-one was likely to throw bottles at him in the espresso pump, so the snarl and bravado  wouldn't be needed. He could simply express himself through music, away from the demons and the expectations of destiny. It was something he'd always needed.

giles back

Drabble: Time

Drabble: A Lack of Synchronicity

Author: littleotter73

Character: Giles
Rating: FRC

Word Count: 100

It was something he always needed. Something he yearned for. Taking a sip of scotch, Giles allowed the warmth to envelop him. A poor substitute. His weary eyes combed the letter again, words running together, providing no solace.

He should have returned. Should have been there. But circumstances... his duty… his Slayer had needed him when news of his father’s declining health had reached him. Their timing had always been off. A lack of synchronicity.

Now all that was left were words on a page. A father’s pride. A father’s love. Words never uttered. Tenderness withheld. Time had run out.