March 4th, 2015

Giles LJS by Gwynnega
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Resignation, by LJS

Still playing the drabble game....

TITLE: Resignation
SUMMARY: Canon-compliant; before "Bring on the Night," Season Seven.

“Be my guest,” Giles said, and folded his hands on the conference-room table. “Tell me where my information is suspect.”

Quentin Travers scowled. “It’s not the information as such, but the Watcher delivering it.”

Giles, weary of fighting these grey old men and women, weary of playing bloody Cassandra, rose. “The First Evil is coming. Make your preparations. I resign.”

“You swore an oath,” Travers said.

“And you have betrayed me time and again,” Giles said, “the contract is broken,” and shut the door behind him.

Then he sagged against old oak. Death was coming. He was on his own.

Drabble: Succession

Title: Succession
Author: il-mio-Capitano
Rating: FRT
Length: 100
Characters: Giles. 

“By the way, my name’s Ripper,” said the vampire as he held the teenage Watcher by the throat and prepared for the kill. The boy stopped struggling and looked curious.


“Cos I’m the bloke that killed the bloke that killed the vampire that was Jack the Ripper.”

“Bit tenuous isn’t it?”

“Eh?” The vampire was thrown enough to loosen his grip.

“And did you all live in the house that Jack built?” the kid mocked.

“Here! It’s true I tell you. Cross my heart and-”

“Hope to die?” A stake flashed and the new Ripper beamed. “Be my guest.”