April 9th, 2015

giles back

Drabble - A Glimpse of Ripper

Title: A Glimpse of Ripper
Author: littleotter73
Character: Giles, OCs
Rating: G
Setting: Pre-series, Giles is in his final year before university.
Prompt: Unnecessary Roughness
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: For fun, not profit.

He sat on the bench covered in mud, surrounded by congratulatory teammates, blood streaming from the cut above his nose, and the shadow of two black eyes emerging beneath the skin, donning a predatory grin. The team doctor would need to set his nose later.

The headmaster and dean shook hands in the stands.

“Who knew young Giles had it in him?”

“I daresay he’s finally found an outlet for that quiet rage he harbours.”

“As long as he channels it on the rugby pitch.”

“Agreed. Such newfound confidence could prove dangerous.”

Silence fell as victory suddenly tasted less sweet.