August 2nd, 2015


And we are back! August theme is Disappearance and Return

Welcome back to everyone who follows us. The Mighty summer_of_giles has completed for another year but bite sized Giles writing resumes over here, refreshed from all the brilliant work everyone has done over the past two months.

This month's theme is Disappearance and Return

I don't do terribly strict rules over here, it's all about being creative and sharing. So any fic of pretty much any length is welcome on the theme. Giles doesn't have to be the hero, but he does need to feature. You can post direct or post a link to Ljs or AO3, I don't mind so long as I can read and enjoy. I will pop out some weekly suggestions on the theme to help kick start ideas, and everyone is more than welcome to do the same. Let's have some fun.