September 13th, 2015

giles, tea

Ficlet: Arrival (Rated G)

Sneaking in a ficlet while we're still on the theme of Disappearance and Return. :)

Title: Arrival
Character: Giles
Rating: G
Continuity:BtVS Season 6, “Bargaining, Part 1”.
Summary: A vignette as Giles arrives at Heathrow International Airport.
Length: ~ 490 words.

Disoriented and bleary-eyed, Giles let a single thought, a lone guiding principle—sleep (and perchance, not to dream)—direct his movements, following the throngs of people exiting his flight past one checkpoint to another. He yearned for the comfort and privacy of his own bed, but the cross-Atlantic flight had so drained him for his utter failure at scraping even one decent nap that he thought that any bed would do. Good thing, really, that his brain was half shut-down already to register the scandalous implications of that thought.

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