December 1st, 2015


Giles Advent Drabble Challenge

The countdown has begun...

Ho, Ho, Ho, 'tis the season, so let's see if we can help Giles find the Christmas spirit. Every day there will be a new prompt which, whilst a bit christmassy, can be used anyway you want to. We welcome drabbles of exactly 100 words, though as ever, there will always be room at the inn for Giles fic of any length if the muse bites you. ;)

No prizes, let's just have some fun and get Giles in festive mood!

First prompt for December 1st is: Shopping for presents
giles back

Drabble: Whatever Gets You Through

Title: Whatever Gets You Through
Author: littleotter73
Rating: FRC
Character: Giles
Prompt: Christmas Shopping
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: For fun, not for profit.

Giles gazed at the huge, imposing edifice before him, dreading having to fight his way through the throng of humanity and engage in battle, trying to find presents for loved ones. His own little family had grown over the years, and he’d spent months pondering the right gift for each member. Glancing quickly over his list, he felt his trepidation rise.

Perhaps he should’ve taken Willow’s suggestion and tried online shopping.

He physically blanched at that thought.

“Come on, Giles!” he urged, rallying himself.

He battled monsters nightly…  had survived several apocalypses.

At least the mall had a tea shop.