December 5th, 2015

giles, tea

Ficlet: Shopping for Presents on the Hellmouth (Giles, Buffy; Rated G; Advent prompts #1, 2, 4)

Happy holidays and much love to our wonderful mod, il_mio_capitano, and to my fellow Giles-shortsians! I thought I'd save words by combining prompts, and naturally ended up with a ficlet instead. Forgive me, please?

Title: Shopping for Presents on the Hellmouth
Author: feliciacraft
Characters: Giles, Buffy
Rated: G
Length: 1003 (But...3 prompts!)
Prompts filled: #1: shopping for presents, #2: gingerbread, and sort of #4: making a list and checking it twice, with much thanks to il_mio_capitano for the wonderful prompts!
Feedback: Won't you please? I take con-crit like a pro. :)

Since peace on earth and goodwill to all non-demons would remain an unfulfilled wish here on the Hellmouth, Giles decided that he might as well celebrate Christmas by embracing the commercialism that Anya had assured him was the American way...