March 3rd, 2016


Drabble: Over Committed

Title: Over Committed
Last line challenge: Goodbye.
Author's note: yes, I'm cheating a bit.

"Good buy, Giles!" Anya exclaimed, reading the inbound shipping manifest. "Because our inventory really needed the shot in the arm of 200 crystal skull paperweights."

He snatched the paperwork from her. "What? I only ordered twenty."

"But why buy any at all? There are only so many suckers out there who buy this kind of crap. Call the wholesaler at once and cancel."

"It, um, wasn't the regular wholesaler. It was more a sort of, um, special supplier."

"Special blonde or special brunette?"

A second delivery truck pulled up outside, and then an eighteen-wheeler.

"Giles, what have you done?"