March 26th, 2016


Drabble: Clean Conscience

Title: Clean Conscience
Last line: He needed to fix this, but how?

He needed to fix this but how? Giles looked in panic at the pile of dust on the carpet that had formally been Spike. He shouldn't have done it, but the vampire had been giving him such aggravation all day, that he'd practically asked for it. Surely Buffy would understand?

No, she would not. Oh hell!

Wasn't there a spell that was said to reconstruct a body? And perhaps another to reconnect Spike's soul? That could work and she'd never have to know what had happened.

On the other hand... Giles reached a decision and switched on the vacuum cleaner.

Drabble: Only Sleeping

Title: Only Sleeping
Author: Quaggy
Word Count: 100
Last line prompt: "He didn't like it"

He didn't like it. Buffy kept falling asleep on him.

Well, he did like her warm weight on his shoulder. That she still trusted him enough to let her guard down. But she did it so often he’d begun to suspect that it was the only time she was getting uninterrupted sleep.

A whole world full of Slayers and yet somehow it still always came down to his. (Yes, his. Always his.)

He’d figure out how to solve this. In the meantime, he’d just hold her close and glare at anyone that dared approach them. It was effective, at least.