March 29th, 2017


Drabble: Tattoo Removal Too

Title: Tattoo Removal Too
Author: Quaggy
Word Count: 100
Last line prompt: "Giles smiled but said nothing."
Notes: Set after right after Season 4. I wasn't expecting to write a sequel to Tattoo Removal, but sometimes the muse has other plans for you.

Giles smiled but said nothing as Buffy examined his arm.

“It’s gone!”


“But how?!”

“The enjoining spell, I assume. My arm had started to itch afterwards, but I didn’t think much about it.”

“Places to go. Apocalypses to stop.”

“Exactly. It was only after our shared dream that I noticed it was gone completely.”

“Well, we have our proof now. Slayer healing really doesn’t like tattoos.”

“Evil tattoos.”


“I had more than one. The others are fine.”

“Others?! As in plural? Like two or more?”

“That shocks you?”

“Giles, at this point, nothing about you shocks me anymore.”