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Drabble: A First for Everything

Again I twisted the prompt to fit what I wanted to write anyway.  I couldn't fit this into the canon timeline very well, so just don't try.

Title: A First for Everything
Author: Gilescandy
Rating: FRC
Characters: Giles, Willow
Word Count: 100
Prompt: Book

A First for Everything

The engines revved up and they rocketed down the runway. Simple science. Willow recited the physics principles of flight in her mind as her fists wrapped around the plastic armrests, turning her knuckles white.

A large, warm hand gently rested over hers, radiating calm.

“First time?” Giles murmured and received a shy nod. “But you’ve booked dozens of flights.”

“Yeah, for you to go on. Or, better yet, come home on.”

“But, your parents…”

“We always drove when they took me. Bonding experiences...”

Giles placed a soft, reassuring kiss on her cheek, and Willow completely forgot that flying involved physics.

Tags: giles and willow, rating: g/frc

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