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Daddy's Little Helper (Giles/Spike, R-rated)

AUTHOR: Salustra
E-MAIL: Salustra:
TITLE: Daddy's Little Helper
RATING: R-rated
PAIRING: Giles/Spike
CONTENT: sex (not graphically described); bondage
SUMMARY: Spike and Giles play a little. Done for giles_shorts prompt 'charm'.
DISCLAIMER: Playing wit the boys, but we’re just having fun. No money made, don’t sue us! (or, in more formal language-
Copyright Disclaimer I do not own any characters, products or services depicted in this story which you recognize. Original characters/characterization and plot are mine. Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel The Series characters are OOC and I cite section 107 of the US copyright clause on 'fair use' to be found HERE
Principally this is a transformative work, for enjoyment only, has a selective audience and I make no profit. )
DISTRIBUTION: Various lists, Ao3, My livejournal - ; and the website Weird Romances- . No posting elsewhere without express permission please.
FEEDBACK: Yes please.
Length: 100 words.

Spike was bound to the bed and writhing and moaning as Giles went back in again, determined to bring the vampire to climax again before he let himself go. He treasured the moans and whimpers and other assorted noises he extracted from Spike.

"Fuck, Watcher, how the bloody hell do you do this?" Spike asked even as he moaned again from Giles penetrating deep.

"Benefits of age and experience," Giles said, even as he touched the handy little charm he'd bought. Better than viagra and more reliable. He needed it to satisfy the handful of vampire temptation that stayed there.
Tags: admin prompt: drabble, giles/spike, rating: r/frm, z_author:salustra

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