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Another in the Family

Title: Another in the Family
Author: il-mio-capitano
Rating: FRC

Prompt: Book
Setting: baby!Giles.

Notes: With thanks to tld8of9 for the inspiration of young Rupert reading 'Janet and John' stories.

To please his mother, Rupert read aloud to his gran. When he finished the old lady asked, “And what do you think of ‘Janet and John’?”

“It's boring. They are boring. He gets to climb trees and have adventures with the dog, she just stays at home and helps their mother bake and sew. That doesn't seem fair. I don't see why she can't have just as good adventures as John.”

The old woman smiled knowingly and his father proudly nodded but Rupert's attention was caught by the look on his mother’s face. For some reason she just looked sad.

Tags: giles, rating: g/frc

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