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We're taking a vacation. Back August 1st

Hi everyone

This comm will be taking a couple of months holiday during June and July to make way for the Awesome Annual Festival that is summer_of_giles. I'll certainly be pulling up a deck chair over there and hungrily enjoying all the contributions.

Prompts will resume here on August 1st.

In the meantime, and not to leave the place entirely barren for two months, I will leave the comm open if anyone wants to post any links to fic recommendations. Any length, any rating, any age though obviously Giles focused. Please use the tag 2014 summer classic fic rec, and post a nice summary of what it's about and why you recommend it.

I'm not going to set any limits, but if you over post, I doubt anyone will read. It would be nice if you are recommending your own stuff to throw in at least one of someone elses from time to time. Just sayin'

See you over at Summer of Giles!

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