LJS (ljs) wrote in giles_shorts,

Annoying, by LJS

For the prompt "pet peeves" -- a Season Six drabble.

TITLE: Annoying
LENGTH: 100 words
PAIRING: Giles/Anya
SUMMARY: Season Six, maybe a step off canon. In the Magic Box. She asked him why he was annoyed. He had a lot of reasons.

"...letting Xander and Dawn speak Latin in front of the books, rearranging my alphabetized display of potions into ‘order of severity and/or severed limbs if misused,’ and capping my stories with reminiscences from half a millennium ago.” Giles finished his list and folded his arms.

Anya leaned on the cash register – her usual practice when discomforted, he silently noted – and said, “Wow, harsh.”

“You asked how you had annoyed me.”

“Won’t do that again,” she muttered, turning away. In the lamplight she shone like his most secret dream. He could smell her still. He wanted her still.

So bloody annoying.
Tags: giles and anya, giles/anya, rating: g/frc

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