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I Want Another First Kiss: 6 drabbles and a ficlet of B/G first kisses. Prompt: First Time

I Want Another First Kiss

(7 First Kisses Buffy and Giles might have shared)

One: A Moment Too Soon

It wasn't that kind of kiss. Not really. Well... maybe a little bit. Mostly he felt... relief. Relief and joy. Definitely joy. Well, why shouldn't he be overjoyed? He pressed his lips to hers, pulled her close, he'd be weeping if he wasn't careful. The firm pressure of Buffy's equally joyful lips pressing back against his made his heart take flight. There would be a moment, which would come at any moment, to be embarrassed, to look away from the sight of Amy averting her eyes. But this was not that moment. Katherine's deadly curse was broken. Buffy was alive.

Two: An Age Old Desire

The Moon May Be High. But I Can't See a thing in the Sky...Rupert honestly couldn't say when the music had faded from ghostly manifestation to mere sensory memory. Buffy was in his arms. You are here, and so am I...Their mouths were joined in the intimate embrace of lovers overcome by passion. Their eyes met, sharing the knowledge that they were now the sole inhabitants of their respective bodies. The spirits had left them. Their eyes met, but the kiss did not end. It deepened. They pressed their bodies closer together and held on for dear life.

Three: After the Prom

You don't have to stay,” Giles offered.

No,” Buffy assured him, not quite convincingly. “It's okay. I want to.” She was lugging more folding chairs than she ought reasonably to be able to manage, managing them handily.

You thought he'd come,” Giles observed his smile sad, knowing, sympathetic. Buffy shrugged a lie. “He's a fool!” Giles declared with startling passion. The look in his eyes! “Wild horses,” he mumbled, shaking his head. Without thought Buffy tilted her head and leaned towards his leaning. Their lips met. There was a synchronicity to the moment that boarded on predestination.

Four: What Would You Say If I Took Those Words Away?

Giles threw down his noteboard, mopping his brow, near tears of relief, giddy with the victory of a successful communication. At last Buffy understood what she was meant to do to get her voice back, to defeat the gentlemen.

For a moment, Buffy felt it too, the relief, the triumph. But relief was premature, triumph far from certain. Her heart filled with unsaid things, thing she only knew by being unable to say them. No noteboard could not express what he meant to her. Not in a picture, not in a thousand words. Some things only lips can can tells.

Five: Trust

You'd think I'd know by now,” the creature said, mocking The Slayer's chronic cheerful, half ironic indifference. “Take people at their word; it's gonna bite you in the end.” The Watcher stared, horrified. “Drac's whole 'you must be near death' line,” she clarified, since he obviously wasn't going to ask. “Can you believe I actually bought that?”

Buffy,” he corrected her hoarsely, “was made of honesty and trust.”

The creature shrugged, butted him in the face, grabbed him in that stunned moment, and sank her fangs into his flesh. There would be time for conversation and gentler kisses.

Six: It Hurts to Want Everything and Nothing at the Same Time

So don't go!” Buffy pleaded. “Giles, you can be here and I can still be strong!”

Buffy,” he remonstrated, pushing his fear that she was right down deeper into his soul, letting other fears bubble over it, “Believe me, I've thought this over and over.”

You're wrong!” she replied fiercely, eyes blazing. Suddenly, desperately, she grabbed him, pulling him towards her. Before he could react, her lips were on his. Restrain (not lack) of desire compelled him to turn his face aside leaving her kiss unrequited. One more reason he had best be going, and quickly too.

Seven: What Are We Going to Do Tomorrow?

It was dark but not very this far from the bus and the campfire. The desert sky was a jeweler’s velvet, sparkling with diamond stars. Buffy looked up when she heard his voice. “A midnight stroll?” Giles asked, amused, somehow incisive and supportive at the same time. She smiled and shrugged. “Something bothering you?” he asked.

No,” Buffy assured him. “Not a thing. I am one-hundred percent unbothered.” Her smile widened, because for the first time in maybe ever it was true. There was another moment of deep quiet which made neither of them nervous. Buffy smiled at that too. “I do want something though,” she admitted.

And what's that,” he asked, sounding just a little nervous now. Also hopeful, which she knew she wasn't imagining.

Someday finally came,” Buffy said, happily, calmly, confidently. “And I finally figured it out.”

Figured what out?” Giles asked.

That everybody's cookie dough,” Buffy explained, “Done is the same as dead. I felt that way when I was. As long as I'm alive I'm going to keep changing, keep growing, and I don't want to do it alone. I'm tired of making excuses for men who don't want me, who can't handle me, the way I already am. Because...” Now this was the tricky part, the breath catching in your throat and nothing to do but jump moment. “Because I'm pretty sure I actually know someone who does, and who can.”

She reached for his hand, and he did not deny her. “I don't know what to say,” he admitted, sounding happier and more nervous at the same time.

Don't say anything,” Buffy whispered, taking his other hand in her free hand, walking into the space between them, tilting her head up to look him frankly in his eyes in a way that gave him to courage to lean down and bring his mouth to hers. His kiss was tentative at first, but with her encouragement, he soon overcame his shyness. In moments, they were kissing like two carnivores trying to devour each other head first. Years of unacted desire were poured into one long moment of passion. They parted, but only just, lips still tingling, bodies humming with desire.

I think we're probably far enough from camp... If we were quiet...” Giles began hopefully.

Buffy shook her head, glowing with happiness, but not losing her head because of it. “This is a someday that come with a tomorrow,” she assured him. “I don't want this to be the first place we make love.”

He smiled and gave a sort of facial shrug as if to say it had been worth a shot. “It was a lovely place for a first kiss though,” he said. “Of course, anywhere you are would be.”

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