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Drabble: A Rare Moment Indeed

Title: A Rare Moment Indeed.
Author: il-mio-Capitano
Length: 100
Characters: Giles, Buffy, Xander
Rating: FRC

It was so bloody rare on the Hellmouth. 

“An entire month with no student or faculty deaths,” Buffy beamed. “We rock.” 

“We should have a parade or something,” suggested Xander. 

“We could,” Giles agreed. “Except large gatherings tend to attract the more opportunistic hunters and it would be beyond ironic if such an event precipitated the sort of incident, which, by definition, was what we were seeking to celebrate.” 

Buffy and Xander were so beautifully, refreshingly speechless that Giles had to remove and clean his glasses a full two minutes before relenting with a translation. “Vampires love a good party.”
Tags: buffy, giles, last-line-first-line challenge, rating: g/frc, xander

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