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Drabble: Prolonging the Engagement

Title: Prolonging the Engagement
Author: il-mio-capitano
Length: 100
Characters: Giles/Anya
Rating: FRT
Especially for ljs ;)

God, just start the apocalypse already! Giles flashed his eyes open to meet Anya’s. Xander was going to kill him. Kill him horribly and bury his body deep in some shopping mall foundation trench where no one would ever find him.

He should pull back from the kiss, break free of her leg coiled urgently around his own, take his hand away from – oh dear lord – there, but most of all, stop desiring to see...to taste... to have...

“Giles?” She parted their lips and, bracing for disappointment, he knew he must respect her wishes and obey completely. “Don’t stop.”

Tags: giles/anya, last-line-first-line challenge, rating: pg/frt

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