littleotter73 (littleotter73) wrote in giles_shorts,

Drabble: Her Turn

Title: Her Turn

Author: littleotter73

Rating: FRC

Word Count: 100

But Buffy wasn’t amused, and that really wasn’t a surprise. She’d caught him up on his feet, fixing a drink, when he should’ve been lying in bed recuperating from his injuries.

She stood there with hands on her hips. “Are you mixing alcohol and painkillers?”

He stared at her wide eyed, bottle in hand. “I haven’t taken the drugs. They make me feel funny.”

Buffy sighed and gently took the bottle from him. “Giles, you take them to help you heal and manage the pain. This… this… doesn’t help.” She took his hand. “I’m here now. I’ll watch over you.”

Tags: giles and buffy, giles/buffy, last-line-first-line challenge, march madness, rating: g/frc, z_author:littleotter73

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