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Drabble Prompt: Pride

And so it begins....

The plan is to do a weekly prompt for drabbles at the same time each week. Initially I think littleotter73 (who is kindly co-moding) and myself will take it in turns, but I'm open to offers for anyone who wants to join the rotation. Comment below or give me a PM at any time.

Each month will also have a ficlet theme for slightly longer ideas. First of these will be posted 1 October and we'll see how it goes.Haven't figured the rotation there. I'll start and again, let me know if you have ideas and want to lead.

Anyways, enough rambling.....this weeks prompt is

It goes before a fall... accompanies prejudice and goes lake swimming in a frilly white shirt... there might be gay pride...cock pride...pride in achievements of others. This weeks gold star will go to anyone who works a crossover with the Lion King.

Please post to the comm and make me proud.
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