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Giles Shorts

Because the Watcher Deserves a Little Love

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We are open!

This is a comm for drabbles and ficlets that primarily focus on Rupert Giles.

Posting is restricted to members only, but anyone can be a member.

No ship bashing please. There is enough of Giles love to go around.

Commenting on work is polite if you hope to receive feedback in turn. ;-)

A drabble is exactly 100 words.

A ficlet is between 101 and 1500 words. Frankly I'm not going to count, but if you are obviously posting War and Peace, I may look at you over the top of my glasses.

Original fic only please. Ideally posted here, but if you want to keep it locally hosted, then links are permitted.

Tags are useful for readers to find your work, so add or not as you wish. Ask if you want one created.

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